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Ride With Me

Ride With Me

Cantante:  Tyler Tracey

This is the fourth track off Tyler Tracey’s mixtape, Dreaming Out Loud. It features Barrie’s own Suzy Q and is produced by Tongue Twister Records cofounder Steven Johnson.

This song is about a man in a club trying to pick up a girl who is teasing him. The second verse, provided by Suzy Q, is from the girl’s perspective.

Tyler Tracey wrote the hook in 15 minutes.

Release Date January 14, 2014

Verse 1: Tyler Tracey
This girl looking her flyest up in the club
She dancing with her girls getting ratchet in the club
She eyeing me down from across the club
I get the bartender to send her something expensive in a cup
She come over and I introduce myself
I comment on her outfit she said "You're looking pretty good yourself"
She said this place is boring and she trying to leave
I thought maybe I could get her to go with me
She finish off her drink and she order another
She tells me she's just getting over a lover
I give her my apologies but she says there's no need
Because she thinks there's something I can do for her
So I tell her I'm just parked out back
She says that's good because this place is kind of wack
She says maybe she'll catch a cab trying to seduce me
But I said there's no need, baby, come on and take a ride with me

Hook: X2
Hop in my ride, baby
Take you to places you ain't ever seen
Sit beside me like you were my Queen
Come on and take a ride with me

Verse 2: Suzy Q
Dancing with my girls up in the club
Ugly guys try to talk to me up in the club
Spot a young, fly guy from across the club
He sends me something expensive in a cup
I give him the stare like come talk to me
Think about it, decided to approach and see
Walk over and I introduce myself
Name's Suzy Q boy I need your help
Place is kind of wack, get out of this place
Let's hop in a cab we can leave without a trace
Drive along the coast line, vanish like the tide
Call ourselves the new Bonnie and Clyde
Something I know you can do for me
Get me out of this place, and you will see
He tells me he's just parked out back
Ordered another drink, tell him he'll fall in love with me

Hook: X2

Caratterizzato:Suzy Q
Prodotto:Steven Johnson
Scarica i formati:ALAC, WMA, OGG, AC3, ADX, CDDA
8.1/10 (Voti: 1235)
Parola chiave: Rap 


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