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Loosed Screws

Loosed Screws

Cantante:  Markis Tillman

(Verse 1) (Markis Tillman)
I bet that you knew
Yo man ain't scared to lose you
The fact that you still down to ride i think you got some screws loose
Cuz you believing all them lies for what
You just wasting your time
Dont let that nigga use you
But i guess thats what you used to

(Verse 2) (Markis Tillman)
I bet that you knew
Yo man ain't scared to lose you
The fact that you still by his side man i think you got some screws loose
(I mean that thing yea)
I know you say stay in your lane
But i can't sit and watch the pain that nigga bring to you
I just want to change and rearrange your future
Just think how good a little change would do you

(Verse 3) (Markis Tillman)
I think you too fly to be rested on
To fine to be left alone
You can sense he messy cuz he stressing when you check his phone
Tricky tricky think he slick but you be catching on
Time is on the essence gone
Lessons of the metronome
Life projecting test to press progression dont neglect whats wrong
I won't stop confessing til its set in stone
Just let me inside acuna matata sun and the moon i provide ya
Just look in my eyes and see im not fooling when i say im moving beside ya
And ill be the one you confide in
Count cheddar together we could plan to go Parra sailing whenever the weather is good, not that competitive yet vendetta prepared if he should
Wet up his hood quickly
Get that understood quickly
Really im kidding, the way he feeling i could pitty, wishing he took advantage of chances you would give him
Forgive and forget him so you can tell me whats good with it

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