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Sports Center (Extended Flochella Verse)

Sports Center (Extended Flochella Verse)

Cantante:  Designer Flow
Written By Leon Andre Smith, Jr.
Release Date October 13, 2017

I might charge you five for a pair of p's
Trapping with my tribe like we cherokees
Trapping with my tribe like I'm phife
You better keep ya eyes on ya wife

Ran it up hill, San fran
Had it on the plane, 30bands
Let the phone ring for a gram
I ain't got time to break it down

Riding with my nigga bankroll
We'll chip a nigga for the queso
Throw the cheese in the brief case
Then i hit the road wit it case closed

I done drove hunnits of miles
I done sold hunnits of pounds
I ran it up from the ground
I got a dub on me now

In the bay dub nation
Ran it up elevation
Ran thru it had to pace it
Got the bag from the asians

Hunnit bands coachella
Hunnit bands flochella
Hunnit bands flochella
Hunnit bands flochella

Tsa know my face
Had to play the interstate
Yea i had to play it safe
I ain't finna steal the base

Phone blowing up Samsung
Three point play that's an and one
Put the p's in the box boy
Plugged up like an aux chord

Talk cash like an accent
Got bands like a mosh pit
Ran thru it when the bag hit
Like a bad bitch I got baggage

Meet you in the middle like an intermission
Can't stop trapping need an intervention
Call the plug and make a proposition
Gotta keep a snub for the opposition

Make a record then I make a sell
Too much weight might break a scale
Like philly ima break a bell
Yea a nigga really play the mail

Coastal like an ocean
Karl Malone im postal
Two phones im mobile
Two loud im vocal


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8.8/10 (Voti: 1663)
Parola chiave: Rap 


Descrizione: -
Engineer Slyk Witit
Producer Pinky Liberachi
Executive Producer Designer Flow
Featuring Diamond Ray
Writers Adonis Chumley
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Sports Center
Sports Center (Extended Flochella Verse)
Data Uscita: October 13, 2017

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