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Intra Venus

Intra Venus

Cantante:  Ne Obliviscaris

One of the two songs that were released before the release date. Currently, it is the only song in the album to be accompanied by a music video so far.

Release Date October 27, 2017

Ghosts of porcelain waste
The innocence in faith
Through translucent eyes
In shifting shades of pale upon pale
Writhing across the neverwhere

Haunting reflections of the mirrored void
Is this the end of everything we love?
The wounds of life weaving the loom
Dwellers in the deep… worlds entombed

Of all the fragile, their desolate veins
Ravenous hearts, euphoric suffering
Poison of the well, where the black tongues sing
Intra Venus quickens
A curse of life
Bequeathed, gorging sanguine like cancer
They prey for blood, wretched are the gods
For the stillborn suns of never
They are the severed
The lifeline to end forever

Lanced, earthen flesh of enslavement…intravenous
Descending liquid shadows, all entwining
Their distant sights weaving the loom
Dwellers in the deep... drift below

To the ferryman's drains
Seek a cure for the pain

The end of all we love and lust
In tainted flesh of doubt and corruption
Is it too late? Will death be my lover?
Will death be my lover?
And into ribs... crib, cradled, caressed
A moment between black talons, blessed
Consciousness, a breath... regret
Clarity come forth, is there salvation?

Haunting reflections of the mirrored void
Is this the end of everything we love?
The wounds of life wield the strength to rise
Dwellers in the deep, dream of hope, only hope

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9/10 (Voti: 2377)
Parola chiave: Rock  Progressive metal  Black metal  Melodic death metal 


Descrizione: -
Recording Troy McCosker
Mixing Mark Lewis
Artwork Xenoyr
Cello Tim Hennesy
Bass Robin Zielhorst
Recorded At Pony Music
Lead guitar Benjamin Baret
Drums Daniel "Mortuary" Presland
Guitars Matt Klavins
Vocals (Harsh) Xenoyr
Violin, Vocals (Clean) Tim Charles
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Data Uscita: October 27, 2017

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